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LOOBA is wearing her mask tonight.
She must call the ancestors.
Evil spirits have taken over the tribe.
She must act now! 
Only she can use the mask's abilities and communicate with the

spirit world. 
Only she can fight the evil and restore peace.

  African masks have been a source of inspiration for many great painters like Picasso or Modigliani. For LOOBA's mask,

I drew inspiration from the round Kifwebe* masks of the Luba Tribe of Congo. Kifwebe masks connect this world and the spirit world. Worn on the night of the new moon, they are often used to honor ancestors. They are also perceived as having healing abilities. The eyes of LOOBA's mask, just like the majority of African masks, are closed.

Closed to this world, but open inwardly, to another...


*Kifwebe means "chasing away death".

Looba is a one of a kind customised BOO figure courtesy of Angry Hedgehog and she is part of Martian Toys' BooCustomShow that takes place in London at Toycon UK, on the 7th & 8th of April, 2018. 

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