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A Roller Skating Bear  named Saturday!

  Meet "Saturday", the roller skating bear!
Saturday loves roller skating so much that he doesn't mind losing a tooth!

As long as he has the right tunes on his headphones and the skates on his feet, life is good! 
  He's an original, one of a kind customised Specimen72 bear by Jermaine Rogers and he's part of the Falling Apart exhibition that is hosted by martian_toys and features works by 100 amazing artists! 


  As you may have guessed, I got the inspiration for this piece while listening to "A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays" by DeLaSoul!   

  He will be available for sale at NewYork ComicCon on October 4th-7th. [MartianToys Booth 488, Jacob Javits Center, NYC]


Saturday's walkman attaches to his belt with magnets.
As an added bonus, he glows under UV light! 

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